For every skin problem and every care need, a tailor-made product that meets the very highest standards, consists of high-quality, tested active ingredients and is free of harmful additives.

This is the vision that Dr. Sabine Schwarz pursues with her skincare range.

How it all began…

Which active ingredients does the skin need? Can some ingredients even do harm? Which creams deliver what they promise? The same questions that once preoccupied Dr. Sabine Schwarz herself are now asked by thousands of women and men who seek her medical advice on skincare year after year.

The desire for her own skincare range
Dr. Sabine Schwarz’s story is characterised by skin problems. She herself had to struggle with them in her youth and later the problems continued with her daughter in the form of neurodermatitis. Her personal experiences awakened in Dr. Sabine Schwarz the desire to create her own skincare range offering the right solution for every skin problem and meetsingonly the very highest standards.

A dermatologist’s experience meets a pharmacist’s know-how
Her years of experience as a dermatologist combined with the know-how of pharmacist Dietmar Kowarik (Mag. pharm.), who processes and tests every active ingredient, make the Dr. Sabine Schwarz care range so unique. The products are free of harmful additives, are manufactured in Austria and promise the best skincare – from the specialists for beautiful skin.

“As a dermatologist, I can finally meet all the needs of professional skincare with this care range – with a clear conscience and full conviction.”

Dr. Sabine Schwarz

Dr. Sabine Schwarz

has been working as a dermatologist in Vienna for 25 years. In 2012, she opened the renowned Hautzentrum Wien in Vienna’s Meidling district.

Dr. Sabine Schwarz’s personal experience with acne in her younger years and her daughter’s neurodermatitis led her to develop a skincare range of the highest quality and effectiveness. The latest findings in dermatology were to be incorporated into highly effective skincare products for use at home.

In many years of intensive development, a care range was created that meets only the highest standards of quality and effectiveness.

Our products

“I can guarantee that all my care products are made from the highest quality ingredients in the best conditions – some even by hand.”

Dr. Sabine Schwarz