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Ingredients and production


One of the most innovative active ingredients for beautiful skin comes from the depths of the Antarctic Ocean. Due to its cold-protective properties, Antarcticine® offers many interesting applications in cosmetics.



From Antarctica to the cosmetics jar

We have Antarcticine® to thank for a bacterial strain called Pseudoalteromonas Antarctica, which is isolated from a layer of ice on the King George Islands. This produces the glycoprotein Antarcticine during cell growth, protecting the bacterium from damage in sub-zero temperatures. We use this unique property in our latitudes for processing anti-aging cosmetics.

Scientifically confirmed anti-aging effect

The effects of Antarcticine® have been proven in numerous scientific studies. After only one week, the moisture content of the skin improved by up to 45%. The collagen content doubled within two weeks and the elastin content also increased by 17% during this time. Wrinkles were plumped up by up to 44% in just one month.

Protection against cold and heat

Since Antarcticine® is insulated from a layer of ice, its cold-protective properties are enormous. Yet Antarcticine® is also recommended in summer, as it protects the skin from extreme temperature fluctuations.