Beauty tips for radiant eyes

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Beauty tips for radiant eyes


Who has never experienced it? You wake up in the morning and can hardly see out of your eyes, your eyelids are so swollen. Or you suddenly can’t tolerate your beloved mascara or eyeliner, which you’ve been using for years. Or maybe you suddenly discover eye wrinkles that weren’t there at all before. It feels like you’ve aged years practically overnight.

In my consultations, patients often ask for tips to combat such phenomena. However, radiant eyes are not a question of age but rather an interaction of several factors.

The skin is one of our most sensitive skin areas and therefore deserves not only special attention in care but also a closer look.

The eyes – a special skin region

In contrast to the rest of the skin (which is about 1.8 to 2.4 mm thick), the skin in the eye area is particularly thin (only 0.5 mm) and has fewer sebaceous and sweat glands. Therefore, the skin on the upper and lower eyelid also naturally has significantly less replenishment and moisture, and is hence less protected. The subcutaneous fatty tissue is completely absent as a natural cushion in this particular region.

On the other hand, the eye area, in particular, is extremely muscle-active. We move 22 different mimic muscles (“unconscious musculature”) every time we blink, so wrinkles can dig in here particularly quickly and clearly.

So it’s no wonder that instead of bright eyes, redness, itching, scaling, swelling or massive bags under the eyes easily appear.

Tips for the prevention of eye wrinkles 



1) Sun is one of the main accelerators of skin aging. It quickly destroys collagen fibres in the thin eye area and shows its consequences in the form of thin, wrinkled skin. That’s why caution is advised when soaking up the sun. High-quality sunglasses, preferably with side shields, and sunscreen reduce the risk of wrinkles.

2) Working on the computer strains the eyes and triggers increased blinking. Occasionally closing your eyes for a few minutes will relax your eyes and skin.

3) A proven home remedy for eye puffiness and bags under the eyes is chilled cucumber slices or chilled tea bags with black, green or chamomile tea. Place these on the eyes for a few minutes.

4) For a quick refreshing effect (for example, before going out), place a cooled teaspoon on the eye area for a short time. This relieves puffiness and soothes.

5) A suitable concealer covers dark circles under the eyes. It should be one shade lighter than the makeup.

6) The myth of the stars – “haemorrhoid ointment” against eye puffiness – is not scientifically proven. The effect of the body’s own hormone progesterone is confirmed but should not be the first choice as a prescription hormone ointment.

Valuable ingredients for the eye area

Care products for the sensitive eye area must absolutely address the special needs of this “special region”. The choice of the right care element should therefore be well considered.

In general, care products for the eye area should be free of parabens, perfume and aggressive preservatives. Together with the pharmacist Dietmar Kowarik (Mag. pharm.), I have tested various ingredients for the special requirements of the skin around the eyes and developed a unique eye cream on this basis

The intensive eye cream intensively nourishes and tightens the delicate eye area.

Shea butter and wheat germ oil are well tolerated, nourish and serve to replenish the eye area.

DMEA Bitartrate has been shown to activate local lymphatic flow to help fight puffiness and bags under the eyes.

Senestem™, which are plant stem cells from the ribwort plantain, promotes the regeneration and new formation of skin cells, as proven by numerous studies.

Vitamin E and the power ingredient Regu Age PF® improve firmness and circulation in the delicate eye area.

In addition to this special eye care, the stem cell hyaluron serum and the hyaluron concentrate provide a quick and immediately visible effect on wrinkles on the face and in the eye region – they are gently patted into the entire face and especially around the eyes before applying your daily care.

For the special glow effect, the Anti-Aging Mask will inspire. It is applied overnight or before an evening event.

Possibilities of modern medicine for a youthful eye area

In the case of very severe wrinkles around the eye area, modern, aesthetic medicine can kick in where daily care creams are no longer sufficient.

Botox, for example, relaxes the mimic muscles for the lateral smile lines.



Hyaluronic acid can be injected into the deeper lateral eye wrinkles on the one hand but also into the sunken tear trough (lower eyelid area) and plump it up again.

Modern lasers firm the delicate skin of the eye and reduce lateral smile lines. Lasers also firm in the area of the lower eyelid wrinkles botox or hyaluron must not be used here!) through the regeneration of the body’s own collagen fibres. The ultra-modern ResurFx laser has proven particularly effective in the eye region. Gentle, almost risk-free, without any downtime and pain-free due to a special numbing cream.



Fine threads can also be inserted into the deeper connective tissue of the lateral eye area. They are resorbed (degraded) there within about 10 months and replaced by the body’s own collagen (connective tissue). Thus, they support the firming of this zone.



At Hautzentrum Wien we often combine these different methods for a perfect refreshment and rejuvenation of the eye region.

Special cosmetic treatments with radiofrequency and lymphatic drainage are specially adapted to the eye region.



With massive excess skin, a surgical eye lift is almost always a satisfactory solution. Here, too at Hautzentrum Wien, we will be happy to advise you.

However, there is a note of caution. As uncomplicated as an upper eyelid lift usually is, there are always questionable results with lower eyelid lifts. Before deciding on this operation, you should inform yourself in detail about the respective treatment.



Yours, Dr. Sabine Schwarz