Frankincense – the secret weapon for beautiful and healthy skin

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Ingredients and production

Frankincense –
the secret weapon for beautiful and healthy skin


In Oman, frankincense has been known for thousands of years for its beneficial effects on both mind and body. In this country, frankincense is also gaining more and more followers outside of churches and is being used in medicine and skin care, among other things. During my last visit to Oman, I was inspired by ancient traditions and am now even more convinced that frankincense is one of the underestimated secret weapons for our skin.

Ingredients of frankincense

When we talk about frankincense, we must first clarify which ingredients are responsible for its special effects in the first place. Here I would like to highlight the boswellic acids from the various compounds and active ingredients of frankincense. These are only found in frankincense resin and are known for their anti-inflammatory effects and can even serve as a natural treatment alternative to cortisone ointments. As a dermatologist, this is an important point for me because frankincense has no side effects compared to cortisone.

Frankincense in skin care

It is precisely these anti-inflammatory properties of the boswellic acids found in frankincense that make it such a highly valued ingredient in numerous skin care products. Its effect has been proven in many studies and my personal experience has confirmed this.

Together with the pharmacist Dietmar Kowarik (Mag. pharm.), I have worked for a long time on an ointment mixture in which we have combined frankincense with other valuable active ingredients.

The areas of application of our Derma Balance ointment are different: it lets existing inflammations subside and calms the skin in the long run. It supports the healing of inflammatory pustules and pimples in acne patients. It helps with irritated, hypersensitive skin and also with acute and chronic eczema and especially with neurodermatitis.

For dry skin and neurodermatitis

Neurodermatitis is particularly close to my heart, as this disease mainly affects children – currently every fifth child and the tendency is increasing!

However, sporadically occurring eczema as well as hypersensitive, dry skin (here I give valuable care tips for dry skin), also respond to the Derma Balance ointment really well – due to its special composition.

In addition to frankincense and natural care oils, special lipid complexes regenerate the damaged barrier function of the skin and thus stabilise the acid mantle. The special active ingredient Stimu-Tex® AS can reduce the effect of histamine (responsible for itching on the skin) and has a proven calming and antipruritic effect.

Dr. Sabine Schwarz visits frankincense trees in Oman. The best quality of frankincense in the world is cultivated there.

Other uses of frankincense

The best known are frankincense capsules for the relief of painful joint complaints or osteoarthritis. Less well known is that frankincense can also be taken to help with digestive problems, headaches and menstrual cramps.
The scalp can also benefit from frankincense oil diluted with water. Applied to the scalp after shampooing, it helps against flaky, red, sensitive scalp.
I would also like to mention its use in aromatherapy. In Oman, it is traditional to use the fragrant scent of frankincense resin in homes. It is said to have a calming and anxiety-relieving effect as with aromatherapy, contributing to a positive mood.

Frankincense – the all-rounder from Oman

Every time I visit Oman, I am fascinated anew by this country where frankincense is truly omnipresent. It is also important for me to convince myself of the quality of frankincense on location, so that only the best, purest extracts find their way into my skincare range. I am convinced that frankincense is a great ingredient in skincare that still receives far too little recognition and awareness!

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