Natural acne treatment from inside and outside

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Applications and products

Natural acne treatment from inside and outside


Cleansing gel – NEW!

Blemished, oily skin and combination skin need special cleansing in the morning and evening. The ingredients zinc PCA and niacinamide (vitamin B3) reduce (proven by studies) acne bacteria and regulate the sebum production of the skin. Both active ingredients are of natural origin. They are supported by the antioxidant and gently exfoliating effect of citric acid. As a side effect, this natural acid also lightens dark pigment spots – a common side effect of inflammatory acne.




Gentle tonic – NEW!

If you want to intensify the deep cleansing and also soothing of the skin, you should apply the gentle tonic with a cotton pad after the cleansing gel. Aloe vera and allantoin soothe irritations. Green tea has an invigorating, cell-regenerating and antioxidant effect. The gentle tonic is completed by a special, particularly valuable ingredient: genuine rose oil regenerates, nourishes and also has a mild antibacterial effect. This combination of active ingredients guarantees a pore-deep, yet caring, complementary deep cleansing. The gentle tonic can be used in addition to the cleansing gel or on its own.




Akne Acne care gel – NEW!

A pure, clear complexion takes customised skincare. This is how you can clarify and stabilise the skin’s appearance with acne in the long term. In addition to the already well-known ingredients zinc PCA and niacinamide (vitamin B3), we have used a special complex of active ingredients.® has proved to reduce excessive sebum production triggered by the male hormone testosterone and it does so directly at the skin’s sebaceous glands – without synthetic hormones and thus without any undesirable side effects. We have also added burdock root extract containing natural bitter substances and sulphur-containing compounds. This allows the inflammatory pustules and blackheads to heal and prevents the formation of new acne. For care, wheat germ oil and coenzyme Q10 round off the acne care gel.





Nährstoff Kapseln

Nutrient capsules

If you wish to regulate the hormone balance of hormonal acne also from the inside you should take two nutrient capsules daily because the active ingredient sitosterol from nettle reduces the excessive release of male hormones – without the risk and side effects of synthetic hormone therapy and with the power of nature!







Klärende Vliesmaske

Clarifying fleece mask

As an “intensive treatment”, the fleece mask is the ideal supplement for oily, blemished acne skin and combination skin. It supplies the skin with particularly intensive active ingredients. Purifsoft® and Fucogel® have a calming effect, helping to reduce acne inflammation and protect against oxidative stress. Green tea and Oxygeskin® counteract the formation of inflammatory skin blemishes and regulate the Ph level.



Whether „acne basic care“ or an extended „acne care set“, try the new products – your skin will thank you!

For ALL who want to know more about acne or are affected by it, this is also often associated with a great psychological burden. On my new website you will find everything on the subject – because today no one has to or should have to suffer from acne!



Dr. Sabine Schwarz