Nettle extract sitosterol

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Ingredients and production

Nettle extract sitosterol


Hair loss is often a great burden for both men and women. Almost every third person is affected by it in the course of his or her life.

Reasons for hair loss

In addition to genetic predisposition, there are a variety of triggers that can cause hair loss or poor hair quality. One of the most common causes (in addition to a lack of vitamins and minerals) is hormonal hair loss (androgenetic effluvium).

Hypersensitivity of the hair roots to the male hormone testosterone out of a genetic predisposition or excessive levels of this hormone in the body may cause hair loss. Since testosterone, however, has great influence on both the hair and the skin, it can also cause acne or increased body hair.

Natural therapy against hair loss, acne and unwanted body hair

Sitosterol (beta-sitosterol) naturally regulates the healthy balance of hormones, fostering healthy hair and beautiful skin – without the side effects of synthetic hormones or drugs.

Sitosterol is a phytosterol and is extracted from natural nettle extract. It has a hormone-like structure and can reduce unwanted effects of the male hormone such as oily skin, acne, hair loss or increased body hair.

Combining sitosterol with high doses of biotin, zinc, vitamin B and L-cysteine has proved to positively affect problems with skin, hair and nails.