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Ingredients and production



With this juicy fruit many expect a laborious peeling procedure and subsequent cleaning of the kitchen. Yet it is worth it – because in the end you are rewarded with an excellent taste and natural beauty effects.



From antiquity to the present day

Originally from Asia, pomegranates have been cultivated for several centuries and are mentioned in both the Bible and Greek mythology. For a long time, they have been attributed a healing effect which has been rediscovered in modern beauty science.

The holistic pomegranate effect

Used both internally and externally pomegranates ensure an all-around beautiful, well-cared-for complexion. At the same time, pomegranates also have an anti-inflammatory effect and have therefore proved amazingly effective in the prevention and treatment of inflammatory skin diseases.

Anti-aging and all-natural

What makes pomegranate so special is their effect as a free radical scavenger. Many ingredients of the pomegranate protect against premature aging of the skin. Many anti-aging products therefore use pomegranates as a prime ingredient as they can fight small wrinkles, shrink pores, and ensure a radiantly beautiful complexion.