Regu Age PF®

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Ingredients and production

Regu Age PF®


Regu Age PF® is a bioactive ingredient that has a protective effect on the delicate eye area. That is why it is included in even the highest quality eye creams.

How does Regu Age PF® work?

The active ingredient is a complex of carefully processed soy and rice peptides and biotechnologically produced superoxide dismutase isolated from yeast strains. The latter are enzymes that scavenge free radicals and thus slow down the aging process in all body cells, protecting them, especially from UV-induced damage.



A visibly more beautiful eye area

Regu Age PF® reduces dark circles under the eyes and effectively combats puffiness. In addition, it strengthens them and can thus improve the skin structure of the eye area by up to 30% within four weeks. The eye area appears radiant and strengthened!

Multi-talent Regu Age PF®

The active ingredient fulfils several functions at once. Firstly, it protects the skin from oxidative stress and improves capillary circulation. It also strengthens and protects the skin’s own collagen and elastin matrix, making it a true beauty multi-talent.