Stimu-Tex® AS

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Ingredients and production

Stimu-Tex® AS


Anyone with sensitive, easily irritated skin knows how much skin can suffer. Stimu-Tex® AS is an active ingredient that promises relief within a few minutes and leaves the skin feeling noticeably more comfortable.

Relieved skin feeling

Stimu-Tex® AS is a unique composition of natural barley wax, cold-pressed argan oil and shea butter. Symptoms triggered by histamine release, such as skin irritation, red stress spots and itchy skin, are actively combated. The high-quality active ingredient also activates epidermal protection, which is important in atopic dermatitis and provides an overall pleasant skin feeling.

Application in creams and cosmetics

Thanks to its skin-soothing effect, Stimu-Tex® AS is used primarily in high-quality face creams for sensitive skin. The active ingredient is also used in cosmetic products for easily irritated skin and is becoming increasingly popular due to its natural effect.

Our products with Stimu-Tex® AS

Derma Balance Ointment 100ml

100 ml / 55 €

Derma Balance Ointment 50ml

50 ml / 35 €

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