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Ingredients and production



That true beauty comes from within is more than just common wisdom. Verisol® is one of the pioneers in the beauty supplement market, combining the benefits of natural collagen in a powder.

Power of collagen

Collagen is the most important structural component of the skin. With age, but also due to UV radiation and hormonal changes, the collagen structure of the skin changes. Verisol® stimulates skin metabolism and powerfully counteracts the loss of the extracellular collagen matrix from within.

Versatile beauty active ingredient

Stimulating collagen metabolism promises versatile benefits. This is why Verisol® is used in various anti-aging products – it increases skin elasticity, reduces cellulite and contributes to faster and healthier nail growth.

Beauty for ingestion

Collagen has long been used as an ingredient in exclusive skin creams. In Japan, the beauty ingredient conquered the food market years ago. In Europe and the USA, the trend is still in its infancy but there are signs that it will spread rapidly here, too and that Verisol® will find its way into the best beauty products.