Peelings – applications and opportunities!

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Peelings – applications and opportunities!


Our skin renews itself every 28 days. During this process, new skin cells are brought from the depths to the surface and old skin flakes fall off.

However, not all skin can completely shed the dead skin cells, which can cause different skin problems.  Pimples, flaking or sallow and tired skin are the most common changes that can occur or be exacerbated with “poorly” cleansed skin. This is where peelings can help.


Which peelings are available?

Peelings for home use

Mechanical peeling

For less sensitive, impure to normal skin I recommend mechanical peelings. Rubbing the small grains, will stimulate blood circulation leaving the skin fresh and rosy. Gently massage the peeling onto pre-cleansed skin once a week, rinse off with lukewarm water and then apply the care cream appropriate for your type of skin.

Enzyme peeling

Enzyme peelings are ideal for anyone with combination, sensitive or dry skin. They act only on the skin surface and remove dead skin cells. Enzyme peels are much gentler and also produce good results when used regularly on a weekly basis.

Make your own peelings

For blemished and sensitive skin, an exfoliating scrub made from naturally healing clay and a cup of lukewarm chamomile tea will help. It is excellent for combating pimples and oily skin. Mix – gently massage into cleansed skin – leave to dry a little – rinse off with lukewarm water and then apply the care cream appropriate for your type of skin.

A peeling with sea salt and almond oil is suitable for every skin type (except sensitive skin).  For this peeling mix sea salt (alternatively granulated sugar), the juice of one lemon and almond oil (alternatively olive oil).

For the body, especially for flabby skin or cellulite, a coffee scrub is particularly beneficial. Mix five tablespoons of freshly brewed coffee powder with coconut oil/almond oil and massage in. Caffeine dehydrates, stimulates blood circulation and tightens the skin because it boosts a fat-splitting enzyme.


Peelings by the beautician or doctor

Fruit acid peeling

Fruit acids in various concentrations reach also deeper skin layers and are therefore more intensive.  With impure, coarse-pored skin, slight acne scars, tired skin, pigment spots or the first wrinkles, fruit acid treatments in particular quickly show visible results. Experience is of the essence to select the right concentration. At Hautzentrum Wien, we recommend sufficient moisturisation with hyaluronic concentrate after fruit acid peelings at home and the use of a soothing care Derma Balance cream for a few days. After the peeling except for a short reddening or slight flaking you will bear no visible signs.




During this treatment, small crystals mechanically remove the upper layers of the skin. This guarantees deep cleansing and removal of dead skin cells. Microdermabrasion can be performed at different intensities depending on the skin type. This method optimally prepares the skin for any further cosmetic treatment.



Chemical peelings and laser treatments

For a stronger effect, e.g. for deeper acne scars, deeper wrinkles or severely sun-damaged skin, we recommend the much stronger chemical peelings or laser treatments at Hautzentrum Wien. These treatments should only be performed by  experienced physicians. You have to be prepared for a “social downtime” of four to six days due to strong redness and scaling – but the results are convincing!



Our experienced specialists are happy to support you in choosing the method tailored to your skin type.

Yours, Dr. Sabine Schwarz