Argan oil

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Ingredients and production

Argan oil


In the beauty sector argan oil is considered the insider tip par excellence. The originally Moroccan miracle oil is famous for its outstanding skincare properties whose magic no one in the beauty industry can escape.



Pimples, wrinkles and neurodermatitis

There is hardly a skin problem with which argan oil cannot help. It protects against dehydration through its caring properties, and unlike other oils, is non-comedogenic so that it can even help against acne and neurodermatitis through its antibacterial, anti-inflammatory effect.

For strong and healthy hair

Argan oil is effective against dry and flaky scalp as well as split ends and hair breakage. That is why it is added to the best shampoos and hair treatments. The vitamin E contained in the oil provides protection against environmental influences, heat and UV radiation. The hair looks shiny and well cared for!

Protected by UNESCO

Argan oil is extracted from the argan tree – Largania spinosa thriving in the southwest of Morocco and even there on selected sites only. To ensure that generations to come will still be able to use the valuable oil, UNESCO has declared the area a biosphere reserve. This means that argan oil sources are under special protection.