Face masks – simply magical!

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Face masks – simply magical!


Do you know the feeling of wanting to treat yourself to something special after an intense day at work or with the family? No, I’m not talking about chocolate, my favourite Campari orange drink, or an exciting movie (that too) but after such a day, I adore a lovely bath with fragrant oils to soft relaxing music. My private “wellness getaway.” This is just the right time for a wonderful face mask because my skin also needs that “special extra” something.

Why use masks in addition to skincare?

Whether cream or cloth, masks offer intensive cure for the skin. The ingredients are more concentrated than in our daily care routine.  Flleece masks also provide the so-called occlusion effect, when the face is covered with the cloth soaked in active ingredients. Unlike cream masks, the valuable skincare substances cannot evaporate under the fleece. This increases blood circulation and lymph flow so that the valuable ingredients are better absorbed into deeper skin layers. The skin therefore appears plumper and fresher – a boosting effect that often lasts for several days.

You do not get the same effect from a cream mask. However, placing conventional cling film over the applied cream mask for about 20 minutes will make you achieve  the same occlusion effect . This method is highly recommended for masks enjoyed at home; for on the go or for quick fresh ups I recommend the cloth mask.

How does it work?

After cleansing or exfoliating the skin, unpack the cloth mask and apply it for about 20 minutes. When removing the mask, gently tap possible active ingredient residues into the skin, do not wash off, as water reduces the care effect.

The cream mask works according to the same principle, also pat in any remaining active ingredient after approximately 20 minutes. For further enhancing its effect, place conventional cling film over the mask as described above.

Important: no further care cream is necessary after masks.

Which mask is right for me?

Always choose masks according to your skin type. So for dry skin, a restorative, replenishing anti-aging mask or a clarifying mask for oily, blemished skin.

Whether you choose a fleece or cream mask is a matter of taste, both variants will in any case provide you with that special extra something for your facial skin

A moisturising mask,such as our hyaluronic cream mask or hyaluronic fleece mask can be used for any  type of skin. Especially in summer, the skin needs extra moisture. This mask is therefore your ideal companion after sunbathing or at the seaside.

I use our anti-aging fleece mask once a week throughout the year and often use the anti-aging cream mask overnight in addition to my daily night cream. I have noticed that the mask gives me a particularly well-cared-for, fresh and plump skin appearance when I get up in the morning.

What should you consider?

Countless masks are available in the market. It is important to me that masks as well as all other skincare products are free from paraffin, parabens and sulphates. Perfume should also only be used in selected products.

If you suffer from allergies or have hypersensitive skin you should first “test” the mask on a small area on the forearm and only apply the fleece or cream mask to the face after at least five minutes of testing.

If you still find a mask unpleasant nevertheless (e.g. if it causes burning or itching), simply wash it off with plenty of water and then apply a soothing care product. This however happens very rarely if it has been tested beforehand!



Yours, Dr. Sabine Schwarz