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Ingredients and production



Hyaluron is one of the most important miracle treatments against wrinkles and sagging skin. It is hence also a frequent ingredient of high-quality anti-aging products.

Hyaluron is the moisture depot of our skin

Hyaluron is a twofold sugar found in the skin and joints, more precisely in the spaces  in between the cells where it stores moisture. It is an important component of connective tissue. Out of the different types of hyaluron – long-chain, medium-chain and short-chain – short-chain hyaluron in particular offers a special in-depth effect in beauty products and can even have a positive influence on healthy cell metabolism.

From rooster to yeast

Until the late 1990s, hyaluron was extracted from rooster combs. Today, it is obtained from yeast or cereals via natural fermentation processes. This vegan variant is not only more animal-friendly but also less prone to trigger allergies.

Hyaluron is not the same as Botox

Hyaluron and Botox are often used  as synonyms, yet their mode of action is quite different. While Botox relaxes tense muscles, hyaluron serves as a “filler” replacing skin tissue that has broken down over time and plumping it up nicely by storing moisture in the skin. Hyaluron thus ontributes to a naturally firm and even skin appearance.