The right skincare after the summer

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The right skincare after the summer


For many, summer is the most beautiful time of the year but then it is usually over again faster than it arrived. The traces on the skin, however, remain – be it in the form of a beautiful summer tan or annoying pigment spots. One thing is certain though, the skin needs the right kind of care after the summer. In the following, I would like to share my skincare tips with you.

The effects of the sun on your skin

Especially in summer, we are often exposed to the sun, maybe during a holiday by the sea or time spent by the swimming pool. Sunbathing, chlorine and saltwater, wind and air conditioning do not leave the skin unscathed. Have you never experienced this yourself? While the skin still appears fresh, plump and youthful during the summer holiday period, our complexion (soon after our return) soon appears tired and sallow. What is behind this?
In fact, the skin reacts to the sun with oedema (slight swelling). It looks plump and fresh for the time being but unfortunately, this does not last for long. In addition, the horny layer (top layer of the skin) thickens due to the “summer strains” from sun, sea and chlorinated water.
As soon as autumn begins and we return to our offices, the sun-induced “radiation tint” wears off again and we see (unfortunately often clearly) the full extent of a sunny summer: small and larger pigment spots, scaly, blotchy skin, a tired complexion, ingrained small wrinkles – especially around the sun-blinded eyes. Here is what you can do now:

Peelings for radiantly beautiful skin

After the warm season, the skin usually has to struggle with dead horny scales. You can gently remove them with a peeling. A dermatological fruit acid peeling is particularly recommendable but you can also do a peeling at home or gently rub the skin with a rough glove in circular movements while showering. In this way, you promote blood circulation in your skin and its ability to regenerate is stimulated.
In addition, the skin is particularly receptive to valuable ingredients following a peeling. In short: care products can work better after a peeling.

An extra portion of moisture

When choosing your care products, focus on ingredients that both supply and bind moisture. Products that contain aloe vera and hyaluronic acid are a good choice such as the high-quality pomegranate body lotion and the argan oil shower milk from my care series ensuring a well-cared-for complexion.
For sensitive facial skin, I recommend the hyaluron mask from my care series as a special moisture booster. Due to the hyaluronic acids it contains, it provides a lot of moisture right into the deepest layers of the skin. Optimal for a quick care effect are serums, such as the innovative stem cell hyaluron serum with the combination of two hyaluronic acids and plant stem cells.


More is more – the motto for autumn!

Many of my patients with oily skin or even acne know it – “Summer is here at last and it dries out my oily skin, so my blemishes and large pores finally improve.” That is right! In the short term, the sun dries out the sebaceous gland, making blemished skin look improved. However, as soon as the sunny days are over, the skin’s appearance becomes noticeably worse because the drying sun effect gives the sebaceous glands the instruction to produce more. So, even for oily skin, we need to moisturise but at the onset of autumn also apply slight replenishment care.
However, women and men with particularly dry, sensitive and mature skin are especially affected by the sun-induced drying of the skin. Therefore, I recommend , rich care textures after peeling and moisturising, especially for over-night regenerating. We talk about rich when they contain valuable oils (of natural origin, of course) in combination with regenerating active ingredients. For this extra care, I offer the anti-aging cream and anti-aging mask in my care series.

When even the best care is no longer enough

There are days when my patients confirm my own feeling – sometimes you stand in front of the mirror and are really satisfied not only to look younger but also to be appreciated younger, despite the mature age you have reached. Of course, there are also the so-called “bad skin days” and especially after the summer, they happen more often. My patients then often turn to me with specific questions like:
“How can it be that my charming eye and mouth wrinkles have become so deeply ingrained in such a short time?”
“Why have my cute freckles suddenly turned into ugly pigment spots?”
“How is it possible that within one summer I got a wrinkled neck/decolletage that is also resistant to the best creams?”
With these issues medical cosmetics, laser treatments, hyaluronic acid and Botox therapies, among others, can bring relief following a detailed skincare consultation. If you would like to learn more, simply contact our aesthetics team for a free consultation.

Age and pigmentation spots – what can I do?

Quite often my patients come to me after the summer with newly formed or even darker (already existing) pigment spots. In fact, autumn is well-chosen here because while bleaching ointments may be used all year round (in summer only in the evening!), autumn is the time for lasers to remove those annoying light and dark pigment spots.
I know there are quite a few bleaching ointments on the market and one of them is my brightening care cream. As other products, it contains various fruit acids. However, what makes it different from other creams are two special active ingredients that I have also added. These help not only to whiten but also to prevent the causative formation of the pigment.

In summary

After the summer, the skin needs extra care and more importantly the right one at that! I hope that I have given you a small insight into the world of aesthetic dermatology (e.g. laser for pigment spots) with my explanations. As always, our team of dermatologists is available for free consultations to guide you into a “Good Skin Autumn”!

 Dr. Sabine Schwarz